Men's British alpaca gloves by Ally Bee
Alpaca Wool gloves in grey with brown palms by Ally Bee
Alpaca wool gloves in brown with grey palms from Ally Bee
Men's alpaca wool gloves from Ally Bee Knitwear

Alpaca Wool Fingerless Gloves - alpaca & wool, invisible thumbhole

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These fingerless arm warmer gloves are practical, warm & durable crafted a bend of alpaca & wool yarn. For him, or for her, these unisex gloves in natural warm colours are the perfect gift.

Our Alpaca Gloves

Ribbed knit with thumbhole. Wear long underneath a or coat or wear them cycling because they are very durable, and can be gentle hand-washed. In fact, they get even softer after washing.

– Ribbed Knit with thumbhole
– 80% British alpaca, 10% South American Alpaca, 10% Falklands Merino wool; Dye-free

Colours: Brown with grey palms | Grey with brown palms. 

Style also available in 100% British Alpaca.

Made in Scotland.

Sustainability & Certifications

British Alpaca

Our British alpaca is an animal-friendly yarn made from the environmentally low-impact fleece of alpacas grazed on smallholdings in the south of England. Alpacas are reared to high standards of UK and EU animal welfare and are grazed on lush pasture. Flocks are sheared each Spring and the fleece is quality graded. Ally Bee alpaca yarns are made from best quality fleece spun in a small spinning mill in Dorset. Learn more about the benefits of alpaca.

Falklands Merino

Sheep in the Falklands are non-mulesed.

Manufacturing & Fair Labour

This Ally Bee item is crafted in a small, well-respected factory in Hawick in the Scottish Borders, in a region renowned for long-established artisanal knitwear manufacturing techniques. The process involves setting up manually operated hand-frame knitwear machines, hand-linking of garments, a short washing process and skillful finishing. While no factory audits are carried out by Ally Bee, our long-standing working relationship with the factory, consistently high quality work and lack of employee churn speaks volumes about the favourable work conditions and employment standards.


Sustainability is intrinsic across the Ally Bee supply chain - from the sourcing of sustainable yarns, to manufacturing in small quantities to avoid the little discussed fashion industry practice of ‘dead-stock’ dumping, to our paper packaging, tags and plastic-free packaging tape.


Ally Bee is committed to spinning a sustainable yarn and the yarn in this item is completely dye-free. Alpaca yarns in this item are natural colour blends made from combinations of the many shades in the alpaca fleece colour palette. As a result, these colours are free of chlorine bleach, are acrylic-free.