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Ally Bee Hand-Knits

The Ally Bee Hand-Knit Journey

Ally Bee's small line of luxury hand-knitted garments are made in a knitting studio outside the seaside town of Pondicherry in the south of India. Fair labour standards were essential when sourcing production for this new strand in the Ally Bee story, and it has been a pleasure to work with this Certified B-Corporation  studio in a rural area of Tamil Nadu.   


       " Employing the services of knitters in a B-Corporation certified studio gave me the assurances of standards. And when I visited the facility I saw the difference this employment opportunity means for the women trained in this venture - when they are taken on in this studio they are taught to read, write and basic maths. Knitting for this company means not only fair pay and a safe working environment,  but also new opportunities for these women in local Tamil Nadu communities, and their kids.

~ Alison Baker, Founder, Ally Bee Knitwear

Each woman apprenticed to the knitting hub is given 7 months paid training and mentoring. When her knitting is perfected she is assigned to simple designs and in time takes ownership of more detailed designs. Illiteracy is common in villages in this region of India, so women also receive a basic education in reading, and maths. The training and employment offered is supportive and nurturing in a safe environment. Ladies work 6 hours per day in a well-lit, spacious and clean studio. As a B Corp registered organisation, worker’s rights are held in the highest regard in this knitwear studio.

Ally Bee Founder, Alison Baker, travelled to the studio to meet the ladies who crafted the Ally Bee designs and made this a reality. Here's a short video with snippets of this garment journey about who made these knits.