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Garment Care


Your Ally Bee garment or accessory is not only a natural fibre product made from a renewable resource (pure cashmere, merino, alpaca or British wool), it also offers breathability, durability and great drape. However, it does like a little bit of care – don’t we all – and a few tips can help you keep your garment in good condition for a long time.

When your bring your Alpaca Jumper, sweater or cardigan home, keep it stored neatly folded – don’t keep it on a hanger.  It is recommended these items are DRY CLEAN ONLY. However, you will find that cashmere and wool likes to be aired out, and you will find alpaca, remarkably, repels dirt as it is lanolin free. So, dry cleaning should be needed only sparingly. And we are probably cleaning a lot of our clothes a lot more than we need to so before you decide on taking your Ally Bee jumper to the cleaners, first try hanging your jumper over a chair (away from the cat!) for a day or two to let it air before storing away, neatly folded.


Whilst dry cleaning will prolong the life for Ally Bee sweaters and cardigans, you can hand-wash gloves, hats, socks and most Ally Bee scarves which we like to think you will love to wear day-in, day-out during the coldest months of the year. So, below is a guide to appropriate care for a hand-wash of these winter warmers:

  • Gentle handwash in a basin of lukewarm water in a little gentle wool wash soap, or a gentle liquid hand wash.

  • Do not overdo it with the soap, just a little will do.

  • Do not wring or knead or stretch, just give them a little squeeze under the water.

  • Empty the water and refill with clean lukewarm water for a gentle rinse, and squish out the water.

  • Lay flat on a dry, clean towel and roll up the towel to squeeze out excess water from your gloves.

  • Lay out flat on a dry towel and carefully reshape while damp.

  • DO NOT TUMBLE DRY under any circumstances!


Natural fibre sweaters tend to pill at least a little, this is where small bobbles appear on the surface of the garment after a few wears. This is a natural and unavoidable process but you will find Ally Bee Bluefaced Leicester wool garments tend to pill less than your average woolly due to the tighter knit we have used. If this is a problem, you can remove the bobble by hand, or gently use a cashmere comb to remove.

For alpaca and Cashmere Merino garments and accessories, however, you will find there is a lot less bobbling than in pure wool, however for some of the looser knit items some shedding will occur early on in the life of the garment, a little like you may expect with angora. If this occurs you can remove loose fibres by hand, give it a shake or run a sticky lint brush over your garment. Shedding, if it is a problem, should settle with time.


Sweaters should be stored flat and neatly folded rather than storing on a hanger which, over time, can causes slight stretch and misshaping. If you are short on space and need to hang your garment, we strongly recommend you use a broad hanger with padding to give firm support to your sweater.

Ideally, store your garment in a dry, airtight container or zipped bag to avoid moths. Otherwise, to avoid moth damage we recommend using natural – and pleasant smelling – repellents of lavender, rosemary, cloves or a bag of dried bay leaves in your wardrobe. Much better than horrible moths balls, they are natural and reassuringly effective.