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ALLY BEE is a contemporary luxury knitwear brand working with 100% natural fibre yarns selected for high quality & low environmental impact. 
Launched in London 2014, Ally Bee began with a vision to provide a sustainable luxury alternative to mass production knitwear for those wishing to make informed & critical choices for their wardrobe. The first collections were crafted in a bespoke-spun British alpaca yarns made for Ally Bee in a small spinning mill in Dorset, and a select variety of British wool. Ally Bee has since expanded its yarn source to include an Italian recycled cashmere yarn, and Cradle-to-Cradle ® cashmere & merino yarns.
Ally Bee Knitwear is a brand committed to designing for sustainability and circularity since day one. 
Ally Bee collections are made in carefully selected factories and launching in 2014 Ally Bee has worked predominantly with the same small knitwear manufacturer in Hawick, Scotland.