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Gary Harvey upcycled dresses are reviewed on the Ally Bee Knitwear blog.

Gary Harvey - Environmental Advocacy & Upcycling - Ally Bee reviews

When I launched Ally Bee Knitwear in 2014, Gary Harvey's challenge to the wasteful practices of conventional fashion was hugely influential in forming Ally Bee's mission. Following his example, I formed a deep conviction to use low impact, ethically sourced natural fibre, free of polyester and questionable provenance.
In Conversation with Holly Rose aka Leotie Lovely

In Conversation with Holly Rose aka Leotie Lovely

Ally Bee interviews fashion & lifestyle blogger, Leotie Lovely, in this 'story of use'. Leotie Lovely, aka Holly Rose, talks about her favourite piece of clothing holding special meaning and tells its 'story of use' for a slower take on fashion and style.