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Recycled Cashmere - A circular story

Ally Bee Knitwear is a brand committed to sourcing sustainable materials with a far gentler environmental impact than conventionally used by the fashion industry & also minimising waste in production.  So it was a very exciting to discover a long-establish Italian yarns spinning company, Filpucci, with a new process whereby cashmere yarn discarded as off-cuts from textile manufacturing, are reprocessed into high quality new yarn. They have undertaken an independent in-depth 'life-cycle analysis highlighting the outstanding efficiencies of re-processing this waste compared to 'virgin' cashmere. The efficiencies in recycling, compared to sourcing 'virgin' cashmere, are outstanding:

 76% LESS energy

 89% LESS water 

 96% LESS Co2 

76% LESS Chemicals

'Recycled cashmere' does not mean 'down cycled' or inferior quality. The softness of the yarn is on par with high-end cashmere. And the colours are, if anything, richer and more textured than the conventional due to the mixing of slight colour variations of off-cuts.  

Here's a visual story of the production process.