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Hospital Scrubs & Face Masks - Upcycling & upskilling during Covid-19

Hospital scrubs and face mask production were the last thing I ever imagined making in the Ally Bee studio this Spring! But with Covid-19 turning the world upside down, I set to work in late March making face masks for friends.



Then the call came out for hospital scrubs from the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in south-west London. Desperately short on scrubs due to the increased demand across the NHS, the hospital made a call-out to the community for scrubs and asked for 'the brighter, the better please!'. I teamed up with a neighbour and we asked our street and friends to donate colourful kids bedsheets for the project. Ally Bee's home studio has been transformed into a sewing production line of colourful spreads of comic book kids sheets and floral design. 



I'm no sewing boffin, and this has been a wonderful learning curve for me. I have been greatly helped by this 'How to Sew Scrubs' youtube tutorial by Jules Fallon of SEW ME SOMETHING

The first batch was delivered to the hospital last week, and now we are at work on a new supply of sheets, including bright 80's pastels of a Ken Done duvet cover!

      Hospital scrubs upcycling project     Hospital scrubs for NHS by Ally Bee    

As someone who is not a key worker during lockdown, this is one small way to support the efforts of others to get on top of the health emergency caused by Covid-19. The immediate demand for PPE supplies within the health service is real and the normal centralised system for supply is failing to meet real-time need. If you'd like to know more about supplying, supporting or volunteering for an organisation trying to fill the gaping whole in supply and demand, you can check out Volunteers needed urgently!