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Buy Me Once!


Have you discovered Buy Me Once?  Buy Me Once is an expansive sustainable online department store for sourcing everything from cooking pots, to umbrellas and luggage, to high quality clothing. For several seasons Ally Bee has been stocked on and so it time for a little shout out for the Buy Me Once team!

Buy Me Once only stock products tried and tested by their team, with research into the longevity, reliability and manufacturing story of the products they choose to sell. There's warranties and repairs guarantees on most BMO products - a refreshing rebuttal of the annoying built-in obselescence of so much 'stuff' we buy.

Buying made to last it right up my street and therefore its been fabulous to have items from Ally Bee knitwear collections stocked on BuyMeOnce on both the UK and USA websites. My knitwear is featured alongside other 'made to last' fashion and accessories brands, and you can fill a house (very thoughtfully of course) via this one website.

Check out the clever animation above ... and there's a 'spot the brand' competition running until the 15th October where you have the chance to win a selection of products.