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Why it is our business to support Extinction Rebellion

Why it is our business to support Extinction Rebellion

If we continue to just ‘do our bit’ for the environment we are going to hell in a handcart, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson, Adam Woodhall warned the energy industry yesterday at the Energy Live 2019 conference in London.
Gary Harvey upcycled dresses are reviewed on the Ally Bee Knitwear blog.

Gary Harvey - Environmental Advocacy & Upcycling - Ally Bee reviews

When I launched Ally Bee Knitwear in 2014, Gary Harvey's challenge to the wasteful practices of conventional fashion was hugely influential in forming Ally Bee's mission. Following his example, I formed a deep conviction to use low impact, ethically sourced natural fibre, free of polyester and questionable provenance.
Space Oddity, T-shirts and a Fashion Revolution

Space Oddity, T-shirts and a Fashion Revolution

In the relaunch of the Ally Bee website in 2018, we revisit the 2014 blog post 'Space Oddity, T-Shirts & a Fashion Revolution' reviewing the environmental catastrophe of the Aral Sea and hoping a fashion revolution is on the way. In this 2014 article the founder of Ally Bee explores a link between the disappearing Aral Sea and the darker side of fashion.
Ally Bee Merino Chevron hand knit jumper

Who Made My Clothes? Getting Smarter About Buying Fashion

Who made your clothes? Why are more of us asking this question? Ally Bee looks at this change in attitude and eco-certifications behind materials used to make our clothes, and the change underway as slow fashion brands challenge the excesses of fast and luxury fashion brands.